New computer – my programs part 2

Now for the next five.

1. Unless you really do love living dangerously and it won’t matter if you should lose evrything if your compute goes down, or your hard drive fails, then YOU MUST RUN A DAILY BACKUP!!! Trust me on this. I’ve been working with computers for over 22 years and even with a proper backup system, restoring a broken computer is a pain. I use Handy Backup. Here’s a link to a free trial – I also backup onto an external hard drive, and really important stuff I backup onto a USB flash drive as well. Sometime I’ll write about my backup strategy using this utility.

2. Zip/Unzipping program. Most people rave about Winzip, but I use a free program called 7-zip. Just as good, if not better and it doesn’t test your conscience! Pop along to to download your copy.

3. Browser. I used to use a program called Crazybrowser which sat on top of Internet Explorer. I liked it because it had tabbed windows and the ability to auto-insert the or .com etc in web addresses. In those days a tabbed browser was almost unheard of. Things change and I’m currently using Internet Explorer 7 Pro which was released in May 2008. Just seems to work a bit better that the standard IE.  Go to the website. (But I am also evaluating Firefox.)

4. To help me with my website and digital delivery I use Page Breeze HTML Editor. It means I can quickly adapt the html pages on the CDs I send out. It’s free for non-commercial and educational use – check it out at

5. Finally for today, my CD/DVD burning program is by Ashampoo – I had a lot of problems with Windows’ Media Player and tried some other programs as well. Ashampoo Burning Studio 8 works well and also lets me keep long filenames. Does quite a lot more too. Here’s a link to the Ashampoo home page.

Until next time


PS How to autoinsert the www & ending to a web address. Firstly, from my experience, you don’t need to put in www. at the front. Secondly, in IE go to tools-internet options-languages and at the bottom you will see suffix. Just add whatever you want – eg or etc. Crazybrowser let me add several, IE only has one, but if you are going to a .com address, CTRL-enter will add that for you – so you really have two.

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