Online Safety

We all know to be careful and look out for ‘phishing’ emails – those unscrupulous scammers who make out they are the real company, but just want to get our login details so they can rob us.

I’m always wary when I receive messages from my bank, eBay, Paypal and any other big company. First rule is never to use the link in the message to go into my account – I don’t even use ‘reply’ in eBay’s messages.

Today I had a message from Paypal. I made the usual checks, the first being that they used my name so it was likely to be genuine. It wasn’t asking for login details either. I hovered my cursor over the image link and it wasn’t taking me anywhere strange. It was also about how to protect myself from phishing – so off I went.

It took me to this PayPal website – click here – and towards the bottom are two links to test your online safety knowledge. Have a go. You won’t be able to beat me as I got 100% on both, but it’s always worth testing yourself – and following the recommendations should you fail one or two.

I haven’t looked at the Get Safe Online website before. It’s very good. So good that I’ve popped a link to it here and will keep it in my permanent links section on this blog.

I know of someone who received a phishing message purporting to be from his bank. He followed the link through and logged in. I happened to have received the same phishing email at my desk (we worked together) so piped up something like, “That’s a very good phishing message about (nameleft out) Bank. None of you are with them are you?” My friend turned purple and immediately phoned the bank – and so started the tedious process to change login details for all of his accounts (which took days and days and days).

So, be warned. 

Until next time…


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