Windows Live Writer

Now, this is an experiment.

I received the latest copy of Windows Vista Magazine today and as usual I have read through it and turned down corners for things I want to look into. One of them is using Windows Live Writer to post to my Blog. So here we are.

Here’s a snap of what I’m doing right now –


– just before I did it.

It’s picked up all my categories and has an option to schedule a publishing date, which may be useful. It’s checked my spelling and there are lots of other menu items too.

Next step is to see if it pops onto my Blog OK – so I’ll either ‘see’ you there – or I won’t.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, pop over to the download page here. It’s free and allows you to post to the major blog services by just adding you login details. There are also other services on offer, but I only wanted this one.

So, here it goes…

until next time


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