Spirit Of The Glen Journey. Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Spirit Of The Glen Journey. A new album by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Every now and then I hear a piece of music which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I go tingly all over. Well, it happened this morning.

I saw an item about this on BBC Breakfast and was smitten. I managed to record the piece on my Sky+ box and have played it over and over. Straightaway I popped onto Amazon and ordered the album and the RSDGs previous CD ‘Spirit Of the Glen’. Now I have to wait until it’s released next week!

As consolation, I can keep playing this one exquisitely moving track on the Amazon page – see image below. (I’ve unashamedly played it 6 times already.)

I love the ‘pipes. The video on Amazon is moving, to say the least. But the music! Exquisite. And now I just have to wait!

Go to Amazon by clicking the image


and be sure to play the video!

It really is beautiful.

I can see why they say this will be a number one hit this Christmas.


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