Ebay action day

I was buying something on eBay today (a new mobile phone – one needs to be VERY careful buying these on eBay [article theme!!!]) and came across something else I need so went to my Auction Sniper account to set up a bid in case I can’t do it ‘live’. I’ve put in a maximum bid, and I won’t be too worried if I don’t win this as there are other listings and sources – eBay isn’t always the least expensive.

I actually enjoy the thrill of bidding live. Getting the timing just right so that no-one else has time to beat me (unless they too are using something like Auction Sniper). Anyway, this time I decided to automate the process as the listing finishes over the weekend and I’m likely to be busy.

While I was in Auction Sniper I checked out a couple of their links and came across Auctiva. This is a FREE program which makes the job of listing items on eBay not only easier and prettier, but also has a lot of features FREE for which eBay charges a fee.

What I’m looking for is a quicker and more effective means of listing lots of items. TurboLister is very good, but I keep thinking there must be a better way. (I was even thinking of developing my own database to suit my purpose – but why re-invent the wheel?) I’ll let you know how I get on with Auctiva once I’ve found time to get started.

The few things I have found which look very useful are free hosting of images, lots of templates and a linked domain name with email support for just $6.95 (£3.50 approx). I chose to go with www.acme-ebooksstore.com 5 minutes ago so it isn’t working at time of writing as it still needs to be set up by them.

If you pop over to the Auctiva website, go into the products tab and you will see more details and the help pages include a tutorial. So that’s where I’ll be headed this weekend.

Until next time…–Lynda