Re-doing my blog

As I mentioned before, I am re-jigging this blog in a effort to make it more informatio-based and less business pushy. My other blog – – has all my old posts from in here and I will gradually delete them, or link them over.
I want to aim this blog at people using their computers; to help them get the best out of the technology.

For the time being I will keep this post at the top.


Updating My WordPress Blog

Updating My WordPress Blog

Should I update my WordPress Blog?

Never one to hang about – “yes”, was the answer as soon as I logged in this evening and saw an update was available.

And yes, it has gone perfectly.

Having done that, I decided to change the theme – what do you think? (The old theme was one of the basic WP ones and needed a revamp anyway). I have to go through it all properly, but the other week I exported all the posts in here to my other blog. I have still to check a couple of things – plugins etc, but it’s looking OK at the moment.

Next up, for today at least, is a radical change to what I’m going to do with this blog. That’s my problem. I really have no idea where I want to specialise – what I want to be my niche. Which is why I have gone overboard with all sorts of things and ended up very steadily getting nowhere – fast!

I have quite a few blogs, including Blogger blogs. My main biz one – – is really for bringing all my websites together. It’s still not right, but I sort of consider it my ‘main’ blog. This one,, is going to be a bit more personal and hopefully less of a biz promo site – more of a resource. Well, let’s see how it goes.

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for years is help folks learn how they can use their computers better. So many people are terrified of doing any more than they have been shown – I want to help them (you?) realise that you can do a lot more – and do it much more easily too.

My next post will get it started – simply called ‘The Right Click’.

While you wait with bated breath for me to do it, why don’t you start ‘right clicking’ anyway!

Until next time

— LyndaH

Windows Live Writer – follow-up

Well, Windows Live Writer worked OK. (Yes, I know – forgot to categorise my post, but I’m keeping this one the same too.)

I think the main benefit will be if you have several blogs to keep up. As I plan to have more than just this one, which is just a starter, then Live Writer may well be very useful as I won’t have to keep logging in to separate places to write for them; as I can add my accounts in one place.

It was really qucik to get started. I popped the shortcut onto my desktop, added the other account I have then off I went.

Unlike WordPress (this blog host) which has the tag box just below the posting window, Live Writer has a drop down. But it seems to pretty much do everything that WP does, so I’m going to try it a few more times to see how I like it. (I’m actually writing this not using LW.

That’s it for this post – I’m busy with my ebook right now and need to get on with it before I fall any more further behind with John Thornhill’s Coaching program.

gxis la revido (that’s ‘au revoir’ in Esperanto)


Windows Live Writer

Now, this is an experiment.

I received the latest copy of Windows Vista Magazine today and as usual I have read through it and turned down corners for things I want to look into. One of them is using Windows Live Writer to post to my Blog. So here we are.

Here’s a snap of what I’m doing right now –


– just before I did it.

It’s picked up all my categories and has an option to schedule a publishing date, which may be useful. It’s checked my spelling and there are lots of other menu items too.

Next step is to see if it pops onto my Blog OK – so I’ll either ‘see’ you there – or I won’t.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, pop over to the download page here. It’s free and allows you to post to the major blog services by just adding you login details. There are also other services on offer, but I only wanted this one.

So, here it goes…

until next time


Online Safety

We all know to be careful and look out for ‘phishing’ emails – those unscrupulous scammers who make out they are the real company, but just want to get our login details so they can rob us.

I’m always wary when I receive messages from my bank, eBay, Paypal and any other big company. First rule is never to use the link in the message to go into my account – I don’t even use ‘reply’ in eBay’s messages.

Today I had a message from Paypal. I made the usual checks, the first being that they used my name so it was likely to be genuine. It wasn’t asking for login details either. I hovered my cursor over the image link and it wasn’t taking me anywhere strange. It was also about how to protect myself from phishing – so off I went.

It took me to this PayPal website – click here – and towards the bottom are two links to test your online safety knowledge. Have a go. You won’t be able to beat me as I got 100% on both, but it’s always worth testing yourself – and following the recommendations should you fail one or two.

I haven’t looked at the Get Safe Online website before. It’s very good. So good that I’ve popped a link to it here and will keep it in my permanent links section on this blog.

I know of someone who received a phishing message purporting to be from his bank. He followed the link through and logged in. I happened to have received the same phishing email at my desk (we worked together) so piped up something like, “That’s a very good phishing message about (nameleft out) Bank. None of you are with them are you?” My friend turned purple and immediately phoned the bank – and so started the tedious process to change login details for all of his accounts (which took days and days and days).

So, be warned. 

Until next time…


New Computer – my programs part 3

Migrating to another computer is one of my least favourite tasks, and over the last 20+ years, I’ve done it many times both at home and as part of my job. I usually allow for the need to do so every 2-3 years. It’s only because my laptop started playing up that I decided to take the plunge a bit sooner rather than later. (It’s always better to bite the bullet before something breaks and you’re desperate!)

Here’s the next set of 5 programs that I find very useful.

1. Spam is always a pain. Most of my accounts go into googlemail, but the spam filters aren’t exactly helpful – many addresses still appear in my spam box even though I keep telling The G that I don’t want them. Getting very fed-up with this, I decided to reinstate my Mailwasher program; I’d bought it many moons ago, so just needed to get the latest version and set it up again. I have set MW to check mail every 10 minutes and my email program, Eudora, every 2000 minutes (this is so that it doesn’t conflict with MW). Once MW has collected all my messages, I can go through them and mark them as Spam or Friend. As it learns, it becomes more efficient. It’s certainly easy. I still have to check my google spam box, but at least I can vet the other stuff which still comes through. Check out Mailwasher on the Firetrust website.

2. This is something for the UK only – SmartStamp. Royal Mail’s neat little program which lets us print our own stamps. Absolutely invaluable! Especially for my eBay selling activiites. (It helps that my son is a postman and puts my packets directly into the post when he goes to work.) With a small postage scale, I can always fulfil my orders very quickly and don’t have to worry about queueing up at the post office or buying stamps. Brilliant. Find details on the Royal Mail Website.

3. Shortkeys Lite. A very simple program which lets you insert common phrases and even long paragraphs with just one or two keystrokes. For example, using ]lh I can set up to insert the URL of this blog. I’ve also used it to autocomplete rather long email messages or certain paragraphs. The free version lets you have 15 items. Click here to go the Shortkeys website.

4. I use two monitors. Makes it much faster and considerable easier to do everything. Saves that constant up-and-down of windows all the time. DisplayFusion lets me have a different background on each monitor. Check out the website here (free for basic version).

5. Finally, for this series of ‘new computer – my programs’ I give you Evernote. This is new to me. I discovered it after I’d downloaded MS OneNote (which requires payment after the 60 day trial). What I’ve been looking for is a means of keeping all my bits and bobs – web pages, snippets, scans, notes etc, in one place. The sort of things we’d have as hardcopy in a file – or should that be ‘pile’. The basic program is free, or you can upgrade for a very small fee. Early days yet and I’m not sure it will do all that I want, but it’s very clever. All that remains is for me to be clever enough to remember to use it. Learn more about Evernote here.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these insights into what I use on my computer. Nothing about photos or music, perhaps I’ll add those in future.

Until next time


PS Don’t forget to check out the amazing 90 Day eBay Powerseller Challenge!