Keyboard sniffers to steal data and eBay to ban sales of ivory goods

A very short post for today,

A couple of items on the BBC News site are worthy of note.

First is that those nasty computer criminals may have found yet another means of eavesdropping on what you type by analysing the electromagnetic signals produced by every key press. Joy! The full BBC article can be read here.

However, not knowing very much about this type of thing, it strikes me as more than likely that Roboform will by-pass this because it doesn’t enter characters one at a time – no typing. So I should imagine your login details etc are safe as long as you use it. (Besides, it is the best!)

The next item concerns eBay, who are at last banning the sale of ivory goods on all its websites. Apparently they will still allow sales of antique ivory items. With 20,000 elephants being killed just for their ivory every year, anything anyone does is more than OK with me. Read more here.

That’s all for this time.

Catch you later


PS India is on it way to the moon! Good job someone is!